Sensitivity and atopy

Is there any evidence of sensory processing sensitivity  (SPS) characteristics in  atopically  inclined personalities?


A study on parents of neurodermatitis-sick children in inpatient treatment


Liffler P. (1), Peters E.M.J. (2), Gieler U. (3)

Etiopathogenesis of atopy

Increased risk of allostatic overload of personalities with "Sensory Processing Sensitivity"(SPS) – a contribution to the explanation of the equipathogenesis of the atopy and the most common mental disorders

The examinations with a  screeningprocedure  with 16 characteristics  show an increased risk of the presence of atopic diseases, anxiety disorders,  fatiguesyndrome anddepression in dependence on the level of  sensory processing sensitivity.


Liffler P. (1), Treuherz S. (2), Fölster-Holst R. (3), Gieler U. (4), Peters E.M.J. (5)