Systemic Hyposensitization (SHS)

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High sensitivity is a priori not a disease, but tends to overstimulate with longer-lasting and frequently changing requirements. Without therapeutic help, it tends to progress. Emotional excitability and hypersensitivity to subtle stimuli are steadily increasing. Adapting to everyday demands is more difficult for those affected and they exhaust themselves more and more quickly. If this condition persists for a long time, it inevitably leads to the development of health disorders and epigenetic changes that can be passed on to the offspring. These children show from the beginning a conspicuous pychic irritability and physical hyperresponsiveness, which often turns into atopic dermatitis. The increased responsiveness of highly sensitive parents and the tendency to oversupplyand overprotection strengthen the predisposition of the child. It comes to a circulus vitiosum, which must pass untreated into a chronic disease.


The stress-associated diseases do not develop as a result of acute stressors but across generations. The increase in diseases of the atopic form, allergies, autoimmune diseases and the most common mental disorders can be stopped only in early childhood and with the involvement of parents. Based on these findings, systemic hyposensitization was developed. It is not an alternative therapy method, but a different type of medical care. Instead of pointless avoidance recommendations and symptomatic drug treatments, SHS is about actively dealing with the cause. SHS is a medical procedure accompanied by behavioral therapy. Essential building blocks are cognitive therapy, Neuronal training and specific immunotherapy. When testing the  SHS, it was surprisingly easy to dispense with avoidance recommendations. The need for drug treatment decreased sustainably with the progression of SHS. With significantly shorter treatment durations, significantly better treatment results were achieved. 

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Systemic Hyposensitization of Neurodermatitis Patients
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