c/o Dr. med Peter Liffler

More than 60% of Germans are chronically ill. The frontrunners are now mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders and depression, allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases. In particular, the mental disorders of children and young people show a worrying increase. The widespread diseases of modernity are now the greatest health policy challenge of the 21st century.


Recent studies have shown that less circumscribed stress factors are responsible for this increase, but a significant increase in sensory processing sensitivity (PLC), better known as "high sensitivity". Those affected react intensely, deeply and for a longer period of time even to harmless stimuli. A priori not a disease, but the SPS tends to overstimulate in the event of sensory overload and rapidly changing requirements. Prolonged duration, this condition leads to the development of atopy, or to severe psychological crises.


The Sens Research Group GbR plans and develops clinical-psychological study concepts in the field of cause research of sensory processing sensitivity and SPS-associated diseases. For this purpose, expert teams are formed according to the respective questions. The SRG is also involved in the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.