Supporting association for the research of sensory processing processes

The SENS Research Group (SRG) is a non-profit association that aims to support research of the unconscious sensory processing sensitivity (SPS).

Scientifically supported methods, such as the SENS-E-Screening method, are therefore being developed to conduct experimental and clinical studies. The SENS-E-Screening method was the first to prove the link between SPS and atopic diseases, e.g. neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma, hay fever and allergies (Liffler P., Peters E., Gieler U., 2019).


A second study also revealed the dependence of the most common mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders and unipolar depression, on increased SPS levels (Liffler P., Fölster-Holst R., Gieler U. u. Peters E., 2020). These revolutionary findings for the first time enable causal treatments which will lead to significant savings in medications. Large sample clinical trials will examine the effectiveness of the new preventive and therapeutic options.

What is Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS)?

The feeling of a unified consciousness, the feeling to decide and act self-determined, is obviously an illusion. Recent studies show that our thinking and actions are far more influenced by sensory processing sensitivity, meaning unconscious processes, than we thought.


Prof. Dr. med. Eva Peters, Justus-Liebig-University, Gießen

Head of the psychoneuroimmunology laboratory, education and communication of the connections between stress in its various qualities and the neuroimmunological connections in chronic diseases such as neurodermatitis and skin cancer. Research into the effects and efficiency of psychosocial interventions.

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Gieler, University Hospital Gießen and Marburg - Location Gießen

Deputy Head and senior clinical senior physician at the Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (Head: Prof. Dr. Johannes Kruse).

Prof. Dr. med. Regina Fölster-Holst, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel

Expert in atopic eczema (neurodermatitis), allergies and pediatric dermatology. Chairwoman of the Medical Association of German Allergologists in Northern Germany and the Working Group on Pediatric Dermatology in the German Dermatological Society. Prof. Fölster-Holst has been President of the European Society for Pediatric Dermatology (ESPD) since 2016.

Dr. med. Peter Liffler,    

SENS Research Group

Until 2019 head physician at the children's clinic Bellevue for atopic diseases. Discovery of the dependence of atopic diseases on sensory processing sensitivity in 2016.